12 Beautiful Paintings from Russian Artist Lev Lagorio

Lev Lagorio (1828–1905) loved the way light plays with the beauty and drama of sea and mountains.

Known for his seascapes, Lagorio studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Influenced by the great marine artist Ivan Aivazovsky, Lagorio went on a sea voyage in 1845 aboard a Russian warship, where he studied the arrangement of ships—many of which feature in his work.

He spent eight years in Italy, his paintings of which earned him a professorship on returning to Russia.

In his later years, Lagorio painted coastal views of Finland and Norway.

1. Caucasian canyon, 1893

2. Normandy Beach, 1859.

3. Landscape with trees, houses and river, 1878

4. Moon light on the Neva, 1898

5. On the Caucasus Mountains, 1870

6. On the island of Capri. Coastal cliffs. 1859

7. On the island of Capri. Fisher’s house, 1859

8. Batum (a seaside city on the Black Sea coast), 1881

9. Defense of Bayazet during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878

10. View of Ayu-Dag (Crimea) from Alushta

11. Transportation of Ice, 1849

12. Dacha (A Russian country house), 1892