20 Eligible Bachelors — vote for Your 16th Century “Renaissance Man”

Imagine we’ve traveled back in time to the 16th century.

This was a time called the Renaissance, covering roughly 1400-1600, a time scholars consider the birth of the “modern age”.

“Renaissance” means “rebirth”, derived from the Old French word “renaistre”—to be born again. People took an interest in Greek philosophy, art, and science—a “rebirth” of ancient learning.

The Renaissance was filled with famous artists, writers and philosophers. Many people studied science and mathematics.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, a scientist, a musician and a philosopher. He was called a “Renaissance man” because he was knowledgeable and skilled in many areas.

Our 20 Renaissance Men might not be quite as gifted as DaVinci, but they range from kings, earls, and counts to warriors, scholars, and artists.

Vote for your favorite 16th century “renaissance man”.